About Jason

Jason rides the stag

Jason is a native son of West Marin, where he has been sculpting in metal and wood for more than 20 years.  While training as a young mechanic he began to experiment with tools on found and salvaged materials, pushing the capabilities of both toward new and unusual results.

His first functional sculptures were decorative gates.  The success of these encouraged him to branch into furniture and furnishings, where he continues to test his machinery, abilities, and imagination.  His creations over the years range from the functional to the fantastic: tables, chairs, benches, candelabras, wood-burning stoves, rolling buildings, and most recently organic monoliths of windfall cypress and black acacia precisely split into architectural grids.  There is a fine line between form and function, and Jason’s sculpture often resides where that line is blurred.

As a necessary component of Jason’s sculptures, he seeks out and mills up salvage timber – Monterey Cypress, Black Acacia, and Redwood.  He often supplies other local cabinet and furniture makers with large slabs of these fine old trees.

Over time Jason has developed the philosophy that every overlooked or discarded item has unrealized potential.  Open eyes and ears can result in discoveries and unusual plot turns for each object’s story.


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